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CoreSciences is an online teaching and learning platform that focuses on the required practical components of the GCSE science curriculum.

The concept originated in 2016 after recognition that the delivery of science practicals was becoming more challenging for teachers. With teachers expected to do more than ever before, and with increasingly limited resources, we developed CoreSciences to address this problem. By providing much wider and unlimited access to interactive practical routines both in and out of school, students have a higher chance of successfully completing and understanding the practicals.

As well as assisting teachers and their students, CoreSciences also engages parents and those that may not have access to practical experiments such as home-schoolers and other student groups.

CoreSciences has been under development for the last three years by CORE Data Systems software developers, collaborating with a team of experienced secondary school science teachers and educators.

Contact us so that we can arrange to provide you with a free trial. We aim to respond within 1 hour, and have you setup shortly after.