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Frequently Asked Questions

CoreSciences is aimed primarily at Key Stage 4 (GCSE) students and teachers of these students.
Schools, parents, and tutors can subscribe to CoreSciences.
We offer subscription packages for schools, parents and tutors. Each school user has access to the platform both from school and at home and individual parent and tutor users can also access the system from anywhere online.
A school subscription covers a school, its teachers and their parents to have relevant access to the service. A tutor subscription covers their students, and their students parents for relevant access and a parent subscription provides relevant access for parents and their children.
Whilst it is recommended that physical in-lab experiments should be carried out where resources allow, CoreSciences's accurate and user friendly replication of the practicals can be considered a very effective and comprehensive substitute in the absence of being able to carry out the real experiments and also as a pre-practical familiarisation exercise and revision tool significantly improving overall practical performance and knowledge.
All required practicals have been designed to faithfully follow the detailed instructions laid out in the examining board manuals and as such include all the necessary steps and procedures involved to gain a thorough understanding of the practical.
CoreSciences includes all GCSE required practicals and their associated topics and the supporting theory required to teach and execute these. Additional topics will be added regularly. As a result of teacher feedback, priority will be given to those topics that teachers feel would be of most benefit to teachers and students.
Teachers can recoup significant amounts of time normally expended in lesson planning, student performance evaluation, and meeting preparation by using CoreSciences. All teaching resources for every practical are provided in one place readily available at any time without any lesson planning and resource gathering required. Student and class performances are constantly analysed over time and can be accessed on demand along with the generation of detailed progress reports for parents evenings and departmental meetings.
Whilst metrics are not available for this at this time the feedback we are receiving is that the routines undertaken in the practical simulations significantly improve students' familiarity with the steps involved in the experimental procedures. This can significantly enhance students' confidence and performance when carrying out the real experiments and help them achieve better results under test conditions. Similarly, data analytics and bespoke interventions identifying and focusing students on their weaknesses automatically helps them to improve in areas that might otherwise not be flagged up.
Students' performances in tests and practicals are analysed down to sub-topic levels and by aptitude. From this strengths and weaknesses can be identified and fed back to teachers and parents alike. Interventions tailored to individual students' weaknesses can be set to provide reminders and direction on what students need to focus on most. Advanced configurations can provide automatic weekly progress reports by email and even text notifications when tests are undertaken, completed, and whether scores are improving or not over time.
For a relatively small monthly subscription CoreSciences provides a comprehensive and performance enhancing system for science teaching, learning and reinforcement both in school and at home. Saving teacher time on lesson planning and delivery and reducing the burden of having to conduct physical experiments for required practicals can help reduce costs. In addition during teacher absences science lessons and practicals can still be delivered (by any competent member of teaching staff) reducing the need for costly supply teachers.
Our system covers the required practicals and supporting theory for the AQA GCSE syllabus specification. Edexcel, OCR, WJEC will follow soon.
Each of the sciences (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) are available separately or as a complete package. Additionally a Combined Science module is available either as a standalone subscription or included if you subscribe to all three sciences.
You will receive an email prior to your subscription expiring and you will have the option to cancel the further subscription, or we will automatically renew the subscription for you.
CoreSciences is a Windows based service and requires an up to date browser such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox and with no ad-blockers. We recommend using Chrome for maximum compatibility. Printable items such as worksheets and reports may require access to a pdf viewer. An iOS/iPad compatible version of CoreSciences is planned for release in August 2020.
Once your application has been received and payment cleared, your administrator account will be created by our team and we will notify you when the creation of the account has been completed. Typically, this will be completed within one business day.
If you have encountered problems when trying to login or using our system, please get in touch with our support team by emailing them at support@coresciences.co.uk.

Contact us so that we can arrange to provide you with a free trial. We aim to respond within 1 hour, and have you setup shortly after.